AAA-DS Meeting – Digital Humanities & Social Sciences

On Thursday 07 April (15:00-17:00), the next AAA-DS meeting will take place at the VU (Room S623, 6th Floor W&N Building). This time, the event is organized around the theme “Digital Humanities and Social Sciences”.

This event will showcase the three QuPiD2 projects (representing the Digital Humanities) and the “Bias and engagement in political social media” project (representing the Digital Social Science) from the AAA-DS programme. Following the footsteps of Davide, who took care of the organization of the previous AAA-DS meeting, it is coordinated by our own Serge ter Braake (Project 1: Representation of Data Perspectives).

The event is open for everyone interested in the AAA-DS projects. More information about the programme can be found at the Amsterdam Data Science website. You can register here.

Collaboration with Social Sciences

QuPiD2 is reaching out to the Social Sciences!

Over the last few weeks, we have had several meetings with Bob van de Velde, who is a PostDoc on the AAA-DS project “Bias and engagement in political social media”. He is supervised by Evangelos Kanoulas and Claes de Vreese. The questions he addresses in his research touch upon our work in many respects. Hopefully, this is the start of a fruitful collaboration between the Digital Humanities and the Social Siences.