Succesful AAA-DS Meeting on Digital Humanities & Social Sciences

Yesterday another Amsterdam Data Science Project took place at the VU University of Amsterdam.  This time, the event was organized around the theme: “Digital Humanities and Digital Social Sciences”.

Serge ter Braake and Bob van de Velde opened the meeting with an introduction to Digital Humanities and Digital Social Sciences, explaining what the fields have in common, what the differences are between them, and what their relation is to Data Science.

After the introduction, the PostDocs and PhDs presented their individual projects from the AAA programme:

QUPID2 (Quality and Perspectives in Deep Data):

Social Sciences:

Finally, the meeting was concluded by an interesting discussion about the connection between Digital Humanities and Social Sciences and how they can benefit from or help other Data Science fields. The discussion was introduced and lead by Inger Leemans.


You can find the slides used during the meeting here.

Thanks to all participants for making the meeting a success, and special thanks to Serge and Bob for the organization!

Marcel Worring
Interesting session with interesting perspectives from the humanities and social sciences. Data science seems to have a big impact on these fields, while the knowledge in these fields will bring new elements to data science.