QuPiD2 at the Digital Health Humanities Symposium

On 15 December 2017 the QuPiD2 team was well represented at the Digital Health Humanities Symposium in Amsterdam, with the following four presentations:

  • Serge ter Braake & Inger Leemans: “200 years of vaccinations in the Netherlands: a digital exercise in tracing discourse and concept drift”
  • Roser Morante & Chantal van Son: “Extracting perspectives from the vaccination debate”
  • Chantal van Son, Lora Aroyo, Roser Morante & Piek Vossen, “Micro propositions as a basis for deep text understanding”
  • Antske Fokkens & Piek Vossen, “GRaSP: a formal model for perspectives”

Chantal van Son presenting about micro propositions