Mini symposium on the Vaccination Debate

On 27 June QuPiD researcher Chantal van Son and Roser Morante presented on the mini symposium on the modern vaccination debate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

QuPiD2 to present at DHBenelux 2018

The QuPiD2 team will present two long papers at this years DHBenelux conference in Amsterdam (6-8 June):

  1. The Vaccination Debate:  An Exploration of Long Term Concept and Perspective Mining
  2. InfoQ: Computational Assessment of Information Quality on the Web




QuPiD2 at the Digital Health Humanities Symposium

On 15 December 2017 the QuPiD2 team was well represented at the Digital Health Humanities Symposium in Amsterdam, with the following four presentations:

  • Serge ter Braake & Inger Leemans: “200 years of vaccinations in the Netherlands: a digital exercise in tracing discourse and concept drift”
  • Roser Morante & Chantal van Son: “Extracting perspectives from the vaccination debate”
  • Chantal van Son, Lora Aroyo, Roser Morante & Piek Vossen, “Micro propositions as a basis for deep text understanding”
  • Antske Fokkens & Piek Vossen, “GRaSP: a formal model for perspectives”

Chantal van Son presenting about micro propositions

QuPiD at the second Dutch Royal Library ‘Newspaper Day’

The Dutch Royal Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) hosts a wealth of digitized Dutch newspapers.  On the 20th of January a conference was held there on how to do research on changing ‘concepts’ over time in newspapers and other digitized Dutch sources. Serge ter Braake held a presentation there on how to do research on concepts in literary magazine De Gids in the nineteenth century, proposing a step-by-step plan and addressing three main techniques.

A report of the day can be found here.


QuPID paper at DRIFT-a-LOD workshop

On 20 November Serge ter Braake presented the following paper at the DRIFT-a-LOD workshop in Bologna, at EKAW:

Antske Fokkens, Serge ter Braake , Isa Maks and Davide Ceolin: ‘On the Semantics of Concept Drift: Towards Formal Definitions of Semantic Change‘.

2 days later the same paper was presented in Amsterdam at the KNAW DESIDERIA meeting on concept drift.


Ter Braake at the DRIFT-a-LOD Workshop in Bologna

QuPID2 at 2nd International Workshop on Computational History and Data Driven Humanities

On May 25th QuPID2 researcher Serge ter Braake will present a paper in Dublin at the 2nd International Workshop on Computational History and Data Driven Humanities. The paper is a methodological survey on Digital Humanities tools and data driven research, co-authored by Antske Fokkens, Niels Ockeloen and QuPID2 colleague Chantal van Son.

The entire program can be found here.